About the Artist

My name is Via Gatchalian Reed. Born and nurtured in the bustling heart of Manila, Philippines, and then transplanted to the sun-soaked shores of San Diego, California, my life's canvas has been painted with strokes of cultural diversity. My very existence is a symphony of two worlds, where the vibrant East melds seamlessly with the effervescent West.

I am unapologetically passionate about my Asian roots. From the captivating allure of anime to the tantalizing tastes of street food, from the artistry of traditional fashion to the harmonious notes of its music, my soul ignites with an unceasing fascination for all that encompasses my heritage.

In my world, art is not just a pastime; it's a vessel for reliving and recreating the narratives woven through my rich tapestry of experiences. Whether I'm crafting intricate jewelry, fashioning statement pieces, or weaving stories with graphic design, each creation is a portal to the blend of cultures that reside within me.

Beside me on this enchanting journey is my husband, my partner in life and exploration. Together we seek inspiration in every corner and immersing ourselves in diverse landscapes. Our adventures are not merely destinations; they're chapters in our evolving narrative.

Through my art, I strive to harmonize the colors, sounds, and flavors of both my homelands, creating a unique fusion that resonates with anyone who values the beauty of diversity. Every piece I craft is a bridge connecting the vibrant traditions of Asia to the modern pulse of California, a testament to the power of creativity and cultural synergy.

Join me in this artistic odyssey, where I invite you to experience the world through my eyes, and together, we'll continue to craft and celebrate the captivating blend of cultures that defines my life's journey.

Thanks for reading!